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Mind of the Magnus

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Jul 23 '14

If you’re a flaky person, I can sort of understand that. It’s still sucky, but if you’re flaky you’re like that with everyone.

However, if you contact this person regularly to try to hang out and they blow you off (even though they say they need to see you) and then they go and hang out with someone in your mutual circle that’s not flaky that’s just disrespectful. Then when you make it known that you have enough downtime to send a text saying “can’t do anything” or “let’s do this day” it’s that much worse

Jul 23 '14

splendide—mendax said:Fair enough, i had misunderstood your post. Certainly not tipping servers is a real dick move.

I dunno if he doesn’t tip them, but I think he stiffs them the “proper” amount. Now, servers bitch if you don’t give them 20%, but 15% is (or at least used to be) socially acceptable. I’m usually between those percentages but I digress.
The system might be shitty but you can’t change it unless you either become a politician or open your own restaurant. That being said you have a better chance of getting it done if you open your own restaurant.

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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 22 '14

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Jul 21 '14
The American tipping system is pretty poor - servers should be paid enough as a wage that tipping isn’t necessary.

I concur, like I share you and his viewpoint, but what good is bitching about it on Facebook gonna do you know?

Do I think it should be changed? Yes. I’m not gonna slight servers (who have no real control over it) for it though by not tipping them. They have a job and are just doing it. This guy just needs to deal with it; he doesn’t HAVE to go out to eat.

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Jul 21 '14

[muffled “Ridin Dirty” plays in the distance]


[muffled “Ridin Dirty” plays in the distance]

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Jul 21 '14

Now he’s talking about “Why don’t we pay others less to improve service?”

Because it’s a lot different to pay a mechanic, cosmetologist, teacher, or cashier less because of tips than a server.

Other than cosmetologists adults don’t interact with the others on a personal basis. Cashiers ring up items and get you out the door so others can do the same, mechanics fix your car and are too busy to talk to your stupid ass. Teachers are hit or miss; just because your kids are doing shitty doesn’t mean it’s their fault. Plus, public school teachers are state-employed.

Go fly a kite man

Jul 21 '14

This dude won’t shut up about how bad the American tipping system is at restaurants. Shut the fuck up man you being a little shit isn’t going to change anything. When you open up a restaurant you can do shit your way.

Maybe the system is garbage, but people still gotta survive. Sometimes service is shitty because of the server, sometimes it’s because of other factors. Either way, the server at the end of the day still has to survive. There’s a minimum i’ll tip and if i like the person they’ll get more.

This is the same guy who’s giving extra protein to his guinea pig in the name of SCIENCE.

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Jul 21 '14


when u reblog one of those ask game things and nobody sends u anything


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